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Important Message:   (Letter to the Editor)

Dear Editor,

The Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (ACER-CART) has posted “petition e-2039” on the House of Commons petition site to encourage the federal government to increase the security of retirement income.  Although ACER-CART initiated the petition, it is directed at all pension plans, both public and government.  In short, the petition asks the government to affirm the principle that pension promises cannot be broken for any service that has already been earned.  It also asked the government to protect the pensions of retirees by providing an insurance plan, paid for by pension plans, that would guarantee the benefits of retirees if their plan closes.

One only has to think of the recent Sears closings and what was done to its employees’ pensions and other benefits to see that the requests in the above paragraph are certainly deserving of the support of all those who are either currently paying into a pension fund or are retired and receiving pension benefits.

On behalf of the New Brunswick Society of Retired Teachers, I urge everyone to register his/her name on this petition.  To register visit www.pensionsecurity.caand follow the links to sign the petition. The complete details of the petition are found on the website.  The deadline for registering is April 9, 2019.

You may participate in this e-petition even if you have already participated in previous paper petitions as this petition language is new. This petition (if we get 10,000 signatures) will be presented as a private Member’s Bill.

Perhaps our elected officials will have a constructive debate on this issue which can and will affect millions of Canadians. 

Judith Braman,

 President of the NBSRT  Saint John Branch



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